Difficulties in emotional processing and emotional regulation can play an important role in many psychological difficulties and disorders, including anxiety and depression.

This seminar will draw on current research as well as theory and technique from Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) to explore: 

– links between attachment trauma and difficulties in emotional regulation

– the relationship between emotional processing problems and anxiety

– techniques for emotional regulation

– defences which block emotional experiencing

– techniques for deepening clients’ emotional experiencing in psychotherapy

Clinical case examples on video will be used to illustrate lecture material. 

This seminar is suitable for registered clinicians working in mental health or allied fields. No previous training in ISTDP is required.

This is an in-person, interactive seminar and the number of places is limited so that there is opportunity for questions and discussion.

Fees: Lunch is included in the fee. Coffe and snacks will also be provided.


Dr Lewis is a chartered clinical psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom. She presents nationally and internationally at workshops and conferences on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and is a certified teacher/supervisor with the IEDTA. Her approach is focused on the attachment-based model of ISTDP developed by Dr Robert Neborsky, MD. 

Dr Lewis has experience both in private practice and in the NHS and has a particular interest in working with clients with anxiety difficulties and treatment-resistant depression, as well as those diagnosed with physical health conditions and functional neurological disorders.